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Let Us Paint Your Home or Office!

We are family owned small business in northeast Ohio. We paint old and new houses, rental properties, condos, and business offices.

We at IPCT Painting are working hard to keep our clients satisfied with our work. 

Are you looking for an estimate on the your next painting project?

Call IPCT for price, material and time needed to get the job done.

We don't charge for the painting estiamtes. Phone:  440-606-6005 

Get An Estimate  

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OR CALL US : 1-440-606-6005

Our Vision  

Your home look and feel is very important to you and we know that. That is why we dont rush in with thepaint job getting done ASAP. We want to make sure that you are happy after we finish the job.

Color Choice  

We work with paint of your choice,

There are many manufacturers and vendors. We recommand Sherwin-Williams Paint.

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